"Yes it's true" Owner and President Robert Sharrett of Chickadee Wireless is running fiber to your homes and businesses! "Get ready for the fastest internet you have ever experienced in your life!"

Available Fiber Optic Services

*Installation fee of $200 covers a standard installation for Residential and Business customers

*Installation is free for the initial round of installs for your block. We will attempt to make contact as well as drop off a letter with the available install dates. Upon contact, please schedule installation with our office or the person who has made contact with you. Installs after this period has passed, the area will go to the standard $200 rate.

  • *Standard Install covers an aerial drop cable to the service location that has traditional siding as well as a permanently affixed equipment box to be mounted on the outside of the location in an area deemed suitable.
  • **Standard Install does not cover any extra equipment such as poles or pole placement, underground routing, service to other buildings, or drilling through concrete or brick. If you have Asbestos siding, you are required to replace siding on the service location before install.
  • *Outside equipment box (NID) and drop cable are a permanent installation and will not be moved or replaced without charge unless deemed an act of nature.
  • **We only guarantee full package speeds with equipment  provided. If you choose to use your own router we cannot guarantee full speeds.
  • *At peak times internet speed may vary depending on network use.
  • *For best results, a hardline connection is recommended. 
  • *Churches qualify for residential rates.