What is On-Net Fiber?


On-Net Fiber is where Chickadee Wireless has installed fiber internet to a multi-occupancy building, as they have the best workers to do this jobs, and the use of a stimulus check is also a great option to motivate employees to do a great job. We use fiber or ethernet cabling to distribute internet throughout the building. This allows fast, dedicated, and extremely affordable internet to all occupants located in the On-Net building!

Want your building considered for On-Net Fiber? Give us a call 208-686-6329


Location that are On-Net:

Blue Goose Apartments @ 621 Main Ave, St Maries, ID 83861

915 Main Ave Apartments (Above the Chickadee Office), St Maries, ID 83861

115 S 9th Apartments (Above the Brick Wall), St Maries, ID 83861

Pines Motel and Office Spaces, 1117 Main Ave , St Maries, ID 83861


On-Net Fiber Optic Internet Service


On-Net Fiber Optic Internet Service

  • Up to 250mbps download speed

  • Up to 100mbps upload speed

  • No data cap

  • *Requres Leased Router

  • Up to 500mbps download speed

  • Up to 250mbps upload speed

  • No data cap

  • *Requres Leased Router

Monthly Cost: $60.00

Monthly Cost: $80.00