On Net Fiber

What is On Net Fiber?

On Net Fiber is where Chickadee Wireless has installed fiber internet to a multi-occupancy building. We use fiber or ethernet cabling to distribute internet throughout the building. This allows fast, dedicated, and extremely affordable internet to all occupants located in the On Net building!

Want your building considered for On Net Fiber? Give us a call 208-686-6329

Location that are On Net:

Blue Goose Apartments @ 621 Main Ave, St Maries, ID 83861

915 Main Ave Apartments (Above the Chickadee Office)

115 S 9th Apartments (Above the Brick Wall)

Pricing: Free install, No Contracts

1.5MB x .5MB = $20.00 per month

3MB x 1.5MB = $25.00 per month

6MB x 1.5MB = $40.00 per month

10MB x 1.5MB =$60.00 per month

25MB x 3MB = $80.00 per month

100MB x 5MB = $120.00 per month