Free install, No Contracts, Buy or Lease your equipment!

High Speed Wireless Internet

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Good latency for gaming
  • Multiple speed packages based on your location

Internet Pricing:

5MB x 1.5MB = $59.95 per month

10MB X 1.5MB = $89.95 per month

20MB X 1.5MB = $119.95 per month

Standard Customer Equipment:

Purchase: $200.00

Lease: up to $20.00/mo (varies on equipment required)

Wireless Router Options:

  • Tenda Dual Band Wifi Router
    Lease: $10.00 per month
    Buy: $100.00

  • Ubiquiti Unifi Mesh Access Point
    Lease: $15.00 per month
    Buy: $135.00
  • *First install is free. Moving or reinstalling service will have a reinstallation fee of $100.
  • *At peak times internet speed may vary depending on network use.
  • *For best results, a hardline connection is recommended. 
  •  *No refunds on partial month’s service